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We’ve got a new show about the YouTube generation! Nikki Limo plays ‘Mabry’, a recent college grad with no skills who decides to make a YouTube Channel. “How much money does Jenna Marbles make. I don’t know but it’s a lot.” Mabry needs requests for what to do because what is she supposed to do…think of them herself?

Go watch the trailer and leave her a request!

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Partner Spotlight of the Day: NIKKI LIMO

Nikki Limo is a Los Angeles based actress and stand up comic who has appeared on hit shows such as How I Met Your Mother and 90210. Although her focus has been on acting in film and television, she continues to pursue her love of comedy by performing at local Los Angeles comedy clubs like The World Famous Comedy Store and The Improv and through her sketch comedy videos on YouTube. 

Check out Nikki on any of the sites below: 
YouTube |  Tumblr  | Twitter  |  Facebook  | Website 

Sweet! :)

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Taking more of your Questions

Taking more of your thought provoking, mind-bending questions for this week’s Q&A. Whatcha got for me?

Ask me something!

Taking your questions for this week’s Q&A. What’s your deepest darkest question?

Oh hey, did you guys know I used to play flute in a marching band? Yeah, I was never not cool. #tbt #throwbackthursday

You ever see people like totally flip their shit when they find out they have the same birthday as someone else? I’ve never seen people not get super excited about it. We seem to need to relate to other human beings SO much it hurts.


“Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Love Culture Girl.”

Need some style inspiration? Check out @TheStyleClubLa makeover hilarious Nikki Limo

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Here’s last week’s Q&A if you missed it!

What else do you wanna know?